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Dr Riad Armanious

Friends of the Magdi Yacoub Institute

Riad is a serial entrepreneur that strives to empower the fight for health as a human right with a focus on Africa. He heads the Eva group which is one of the leading pharma and personal care organizations in the MEA region. Riad is an active membership in the YPO (Young Presidents Association), Vice chairman in the Egyptian Industrial Chamber of Pharmaceuticals, founder and former president of the Association HBS alumni in Egypt. Moreover, Riad is the founder and a member in the "T20" foundation, a non-governmental organization that focuses on utilizing the knowledge of highly educated youth to develop people for social and economic improvement.

Riad has a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Cairo University and an MBA degree from Harvard Business School.

Riad is delighted to have positive impact & support Professor Yacoub by joining friends of MYI

Dr Riad